What is ECHOS?

  • ECHOS stands for East Central Homeschool Organized Sports. 
  • We are a 501(3c) athletic association based out of Moody, Alabama
  • We offer Alabama homeschooled students (ages 12-18) the opportunity to play basketball at the junior high and high school level.

     Our Identity

  • We are a part of the Alabama Christian division of the Alabama Christian School Conference (ACSC). 
  • Unlike a "traditional" athletic division that groups teams by geographic proximity, our division groups its teams by their identity as Christian educators (which includes homeschool cover groups and private schools from a variety of Alabama cities).
  • Our divisional rivals therefore hail from Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Alabaster, Montgomery, and Millbrook (to name but a few areas; see the complete list), making long distance travel a necessary requirement for participation in our league.

     Our Boys & Girls teams

  • Organizationally, the East Central Patriots is one association made up of several gender-specific teams, including:
              1.  Junior Varsity Boys
              2.  Junior Varsity Girls (coming soon!)
              3.  Varsity Boys
              4.  Varsity Girls
  • Junior Varsity teams are available to student athletes ages 12-15. 
  • Varsity teams are available to student athletes ages 16-18, but certain JV-aged athletes may also play at the Varsity level at the coach's discretion.  Some conference-specific restrictions apply. 
  • More info: player age restrictions, team availability, and roster sizes)

     Our History

  • East Central "fielded" its first team, a Varsity Girls team, in the fall of 2007.
  • In 2009, a Varsity Boys team was added. 
  • In 2010, a Junior Varsity (JV) Boys team was introduced. 
  • In 2011, we are hoping to introduce a Junior Varsity (JV) Girls team, to complete a "quartet" of 4 teams total.

     Our Student Athletes

  • As our name, 'East Central' indicates, most of our student athletes come from areas east of Birmingham, Alabama, including (but not limited to) Springville, Trussville, Clay, Moody, Leeds, Pell City, and Munford.

  • Our "parent" association, ECHOS, is actually made up of many smaller homeschool cover groups (see the complete list) throughout Alabama.

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